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Tumblr PSA :)

I know I’m new to tumblr, but to the people who get ridiculously indignant about people posting art of theirs and not crediting them, I feel obligated to point out the following;

¬†You see, there’s this nifty thing called a search engine. For me, it’s Google images (safe search on because I’m a wimp :P). This cool little doodad provides me with scads of glorious photos of whatever my little heart could hope to desire. Sometimes it gives me things without crediting whoever took said picture/painted art/said cool thing. I’m not concerning myself with that all the time, usually because my brain stopped at “omgpretty! I must share this with THE WORLD!!! Or at least tumblr!” At that point it usually gets posted, and I promptly move on with my night.

Basically what I”m trying to say is this: If I know the source, I will post it. If I don’t, I’m not going to go hunting all over the vast interwebs to find out its origins just so I can make someone on tumblr not pitch a shit fit over not being recognized. However, if you politely inform me of my error, I will adjust/delete/credit accordingly, on the condition that the matter then DROPS. I don’t care enough about anything on any website to deal with your angst any longer than a half hour at most.

This has been my public service announcement, I will not repeat myself, and have a wonderful day :)

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